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Very soon 860 million NEURON (NRN) tokens will be generated.
Liberating centralized medical data and pushing AI to its limits.

Approximately $10 million has been raised in our token sale which has now closed.

We are extremely grateful for all the support received!

The team is now 100% focused on building the NRN network, aiming to launch it in March-April 2018.

Animation of one of many use cases for Neuron and a great illustration of the $NRN tokenomics.

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What is NEURON?

We are entering a world where artificial intelligence, natural language understanding and the tokenized economy have the potential to bring unmatched benefits to healthcare. We have been working on converging these three in one infrastructure (NEURON) and one currency: the NRN (neuron).

We are using our conversational AI-powered platform for on-demand, quantified biology. This advanced natural language dialog system was designed for vertical medical domains, and can generate and communicate insights on genomic and pharmacogenomic, exposomic and anatomical data as well as sensor-based wellness features and hematology.

With the help of this technology layer we are launching NEURON, a decentralized artificial intelligence platform which allows anyone to connect to the network and train their own AI, by pushing deep learning to edge devices (smartphones).

The Neuron (NRN) tokens give access to the AI network and reward the users (individuals or when the unite they become research organizations) who train their AI with tokens. With these tokens they can broadcast a competition on NEURON and create a bounty (prize) for data scientists. When these succeed in building a prediction model that provides unique insights into the proposed personal quantified biology profile, they win the prize.

The convergent collection of health data, the subsequent classification and the prediction models can be the first step to a documented preventive way of life where health is no longer a discrete but becomes a continuous function and the medical information chain shifts from a seller’s to a buyer’s market.

Token Sale Terms

Token Sale Pie Graph

Token Sale Pie Legend

Target on token sale: approx. $30 million

Total token supply: 860,000,000 NRN, of which:

  • 37% sold in the token sale
  • 33% for distribution to incentivize the ecosystem
  • 30% retained by

Ethereum ERC20 token
Purchase methods accepted: BTC and ETH

Key Dates
  • Announcement
  • Presale Start
  • Crowdsale Start
  • Network Expected To Go Live,
    Token Distribution


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Our interactive on-boarding module allows the user to quickly build a health profile and receive insights based on their data. The agent utilizes predictive technology, which makes building a health profile much easier than through traditional data collection methods.

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Deep conversational agent designed to improve comprehension of genetic data and provide users with decision support. The agent can converse on a number of topics including diseases, traits, pharmacogenomics, and family planning.

The agent supports upsells, test result comprehension, genetics education, genetic counseling preparation, and in-app appointments.

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Deep conversational agent designed to answer any question on 400+ blood biomarkers. The agent is trained on hundreds of thousands of medical documents and common FAQs. The agent personalizes responses based on the user's age, gender, and medical history, and can respond with rich content such as images and videos. Our content is curated by an in-house medical team.

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Our patent pending Selfie2BMI module uses state-of-the-art Deep Neural Network and optimization techniques to predict a variety of anatomic features including height, weight, and gender from face. The agent can quickly predict anatomic features for frictionless, smarter data collection.

Our Team

Senior Leadership
  • Walter De Brouwer
    Walter De Brouwer
  • Walter De Brouwer
    Sam De Brouwer
  • Alan Greene, MD
    Alan Greene, MD
  • Anthea Chung
    Anthea Chung
  • Walter De Brouwer
    Jeremy Howard
Key Advisors
  • Walter De Brouwer
    Udi Manber
  • Walter De Brouwer
    Joey Krug
  • Walter De Brouwer
    Diego Gutierrez Zaldivar
  • Walter De Brouwer
    Jonathan Smith
  • Walter De Brouwer
    Brad Mills
  • Walter De Brouwer
    Matthew Roszak
  • Ryan Selkis
    Ryan Selkis

Token Sale Advisors